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26 September, 2011

chain reaction

Beware...another post about 21st birthday related items.

My brother and I have never really given each other gifts since we were around the age of 17, mainly because we spend our allowance (and now student loans) on other things. However, upon turning 21 I felt I deserved a present. To minimise how annoying this reality might be to my little bro I chose my gift, ordered my gift and then simply informed him of the bill.

This beauty is what I ended up with-

It is another item I came across whilst working in the fashion cupboard at Glamour. It is by a designer called Florence b and basically you order the bracelet online and everything is bespoke, you get to choose the colours of the silk that is woven in to the chunky gold plated chain and you also get to choose a charm to be put on the clasp so every bracelet is unique and sooooo pretty!

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