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30 October, 2011

topshop unique

About bloody time!

Sorry it has taken me forever and a day to do this post but I have been settling back in to my final year at university and away on holiday blah blah blah and didn't want to do a half hearted post. So here it goes...

After spending one month interning in the PR department for Topshop in April, I was asked to rejoin the team and work at the Unique show during London Fashion Week. The show was held at the Topshop show space in the Old Eurostar Terminals in Waterloo and just so happened to be the day before my 21st birthday best birthday ever. I was so nervous to rejoin the team after such a long time and the added pressure of fashion week meant that little to no sleeping/eating/breathing occured the day before show day. I arrived at Waterloo station with absolutely no idea where the Old Eurostar Terminals were and my usually trusty iphone app was letting me down, by a stroke of luck a girl in a last season Topshop Unique dress strutted past and I eagerly followed. I was then saved by Cressida and Holly, my faves from the PR team who safely guided me inside the venue. It was beautiful to say the least, completely full of sunlight. The afternoon went by in a blur, we were all given our clipboards and given an orientation of the building as well as the days events and set to work on labelling seats, laying out goodie bags and watching run through after run through. To my absoloute joy and surprise, myself and one of the official members of the Topshop team were responsible for the VIP seating canyoubelieveit so I quickly read the list of those sitting on the front row and set to work trying to hide my excitement. BEWARE SERIOUS NAME DROPPING AHEAD. I met Kelis, Olivia Palermo, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Caroline Sieber, Nicola Roberts, Ellie Goulding, Pixie Geldof, Eliza Doolittle, Marina Diamandis, Bip Ling, Sunday Girl, Harley Viera Newton, Clara Paget, Brix Smith Start and Yasmin. Good times. Oh and I must say that the nicest one was Marina, she was so lovely to me...asked what my name was and everything! There were other big names there of course but not seated in my section (Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast was there and Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad asked me to tell her which section she was sat in). The excitement really began when the Green family arrived with Naomi Campbell. I was truly starstruck when she walked in, it is not everyday you see someone that staggeringly beautiful. Then all the editors started to arrive and I could barely contain my excitement when one of the editors of W asked me to move him to a different section because being sat so near to the speakers would affect his tinitus. And then it happend, the most surreal moment of my life- Anna Wintour brushed past me. How pathetic does that sound "she brushed past me" but it was amazing! She is at the forefront of the industry I love and to see such an icon in real life was jaw dropping, I think I actually held my breath when she walked past me (she walked past me twice by the way). Anna induced hysteria commenced in the room, people were staring and photographers were under strict instruction to keep a certain distance and then just like that, the show began. The sound track was insane, Jay- Z into Ashanti and other hip hop classics finished off with Go by Delilah, seriously cool. The clothes echoed the hip hop tone set by the music, some with a much more glamourous look and others making a serious throw back to the 90s and then just as suddenly as it had started it was all over in 7minutes and 57seconds.

The best nearly 8 minutes of my life.

Sign me up for next season!

(the photos below were taken under stealth operation conditions as I didn't want to come across as some crazy person so excuse the poor quality. Most were taken while I pretended to be on the phone...oldest trick in the book)


28 October, 2011

trick or treat

I think I found my halloween costume...

I bet this girl got shit loads of candy dressed like that!

27 October, 2011

coming out of the closet

I just found this video of my favourite PR bitch, Kelly Cutrone, and her daughter Ava showing around Ava's adorable little wardrobe. I am super excited to see Kelly bring her unique brand of honesty to the new season of America's Next Top Model early next year. In the meantime, enjoy this adorable video- my best bit is when Ava and Kelly discuss'll see.

25 October, 2011

wardrobe of horrors

halloween wishlist...

Getting in the spooky spirit...
Zadig & Voltaire leather shorts £360, Alexander McQueen skull brass box clutch £1,725, Marchesa velevt maxi skirt £1,750, Burberry London lether sleeved trench coat £1,195, Ksubi baddies t-shirt £65, Christian Louboutin ciociara leather ankle boots £695.

24 October, 2011


Thank the heavens!

Karl Lagerfeld is launching a range for the likes of you and I, can you believe it?

Launching in January the range, simply named 'Karl', will go on sale on the online fashion mecca net-a-porter. The collection will feature 100 yes 100 looks with a rock and roll vibe and prices will range from £52 to £391, which isn't too hard on the purse strings or the student loan.

Natalie Massenet, founder and co-chairman of the fashionable website said, "From the moment we saw the collection we were hooked and we can't wait to introduce this to a global fashion consumer for whom Karl Lagerfeld is an icon in his own right. The collection will speak to every woman who wants a bit of the inimitable fabulous street chic that Karl Lagerfeld is known for. And given Karl's fascination with all things modern, this will be a 21st Century launch - globally available, in-season for instant gratification and harnessing the power of the digital media and social commerce.  It's truly an honour for us to collaborate with Karl and his team."

The new year couldn't come sooner!

on the red carpet: diane kruger

One of my favourite dressers ever! Diane Kruger has impecable style it helps that she is buddies with Karl Lagerfeld. She looked flawless on Thursday night at the Paris premiere of Special Forces wearing a Chanel jacket and matching mini skirt. The leather trousers underneath the skirt are a touch that very few can pull off, but as always Diane looks sensational. Skirts over trousers were a recurring trend in the Spring/Summer shows but I'm pretty sure this is the closest I will venture into the style. I guess I will just have to live vicariously through Diane.

21 October, 2011

the louboutin bar

Louboutin's and Grey Goose cocktails...sounds like heaven.

The shoe designer has created a bar for the Grey Goose Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John Foundation. The bar will go on auction on October 29th and the winning bid will not only get the fabulous red soled bar, but also a cocktail party on the date of their choice with cocktails served by their very own mixologist. As if that wasn't enough the lucky bidder will also get a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. 

So basically, I am devastated that realistically I can't even match the starting bid. Fingers crossed I get an invite to the cocktail party.

20 October, 2011

I am currently just over a third of the way through an eight hour coach journey to Plymouth.

Thank you Vogue for keeping me sane.

oops I did it again

So, I bought another YSL arty glass ring from net-a-porter. Don't judge me...I couldn't help myself!

I bought it in a jet lag induced delirious state and was surprised to see a confirmation email on my laptop the next morning. Best surprise ever. I am in love with the ring, I love it more than my first one. The dark rhodium finish on the silver make the golden amber stone stand out in beautiful contrast. My friend said it looks like something out of Harry Potter and I agree, it is so bewitching to look at. It hasn't left my finger since it arrived on Tuesday!

Just one of the benefits of a student loan.

15 October, 2011


Still not over it...

on the red carpet: amber heard

Guess girl and Hollywood starlet Amber Heard looked sensational at The Rum Diary premiere on Thursday night. This is a seriously show stopping look, very va-va-voom even with her hair up. Elie Saab is a personal favourite of mine and I think that any woman wearing one of his gowns on the red carpet is guarenteed to wow. The sulty red gown paired with the nude heels and elegant up do makes Amber look smokin' hot, something she has become famous for, proving that not all lesbians wear lumberjack shirts.

06 October, 2011


Off to Las Vegas for a week.

Fingers crossed I'll get some...erm...interesting snaps from the strip!
I am aiming for a more stylish version of The Hangover.

See you on the flipside x

05 October, 2011

paris changes everything

Lauren Conrad had a point when she uttered those wise words. Paris Fashion Week was spectacular, truly awe inspiring.

I spent the best part of half a day trawling through images on and it was time well spent. I am always amazed at the standards of creativity and beauty that are always displayed in Paris and this season was no exception.

Sarah Burton's third collection as creative director at McQueen has been my favourite to date, it was the perfect combination of the haunting gothic styling and subtle femininity that Lee McQueen made famous. Elie Saab, Valentino and Balmain all went for their usual high glam asthetic but of course each had their own twist; Balmain's rock and roll edge, Valentino's girly touches and red carpet ready at Elie Saab. I must admit I inspect every Elie Saab show for my future wedding dress. Dior's collection was once again a slight disappointment, despite many beautiful individual looks, so it is not surprising this show is rumoured to be Bill Gaytten's swan song. Marc Jacobs, one of Gaytten's rumoured replacements, bought Kate Moss back to the catwalk for Louis Vuitton in a very playfull collection that feautured bags so beautiful it made my Mum want to buy a lottery ticket. My most coveted collections however, had to be Chloe and you guessed it Chanel. Clare Waight Keller, who is new to Chloe this year, offered up a very safe but albeit pretty collection for the french fashion house. It was a lovely blend of both the masculine and feminine sexyness that has become Chloe's trademark and this was particulary apparent in the boysish silhouettes complimented with colourful embroided florals. Chanel took us under the sea in a fashion experience Poseidon would be proud of. Sequins, pearls and wonderfully white tweeds executed the look to perfection and the shell shaped bags were an amusing touch. No doubt the conch will be the hottest handbag trend come next summer.

My favourite looks below came from Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Vikor & Rolf, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Elie Saab, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, YSL and Chanel

04 October, 2011

chanel s/s 2012

I found a video of the full show rejoice!

To see my favourite looks from the under water themed Chanel spring summer collection then check out the post below. If after that you fancy devling into the world of Chanel a bit more then you can enjoy a full 10 minutes of viewing pleasure. Simply press play and thank me later.

true love

Chanel SS12 is the offical owner of my heart. So beauiful it hurts...

A full Chanel report and Paris Fashion Week post will be up once fashion week ends tomorrow. L x

02 October, 2011

window shopping

Alexander McQueen python hobo bag £2695, Etro fringed chunky knit sweater dress £700, Dana Levy lucky charm friendship bracelet £72, Tibi embellished shirt style body suit £355, Giuseppe Zanotti leather high top sneakers £450.

don't make me get old school

Ok so this isn't the best outfit post ever because I think I look like I stepped out of a bad ninties movie, but in a good way.

Anyway, I finally got my converse! After months of pining over the leather high tops I went to try them on and to be honest the resuts were not great. Basically I am not even nearly bad ass enough to pull off white leather high tops, I just don't have the swagger. I looked like I was in fancy dress as one of those hip hop honey's you see in old Dr Dre video's, safe to say it was not working for me. So I tried on a pair of the canvas high tops and fell in love. I only bought them this morning so for now they ar far too shiny, white and new looking but I am taking them on holiday with me next week so fingers crossed I will wear them in nicely. They look blinding white in the photos below so beware.

so ninties it hurts

Converse All Stars, Topshop leggings, H&M tunic, a vintage Levi's denim jacket that belongs to my housemate.


Charlotte Free. Get to know her.

In the last few months Charlotte Free has shot to catwalk stardom as the new model of choice. She first came to my attention when she walked at the Topshop Unique show and since then I have been facinated by her. She has a kind of otherworldly, elfin beauty yet her pink hair makes me think of her as a mermaid. She is truly striking in both photo and flesh. Her pink hair has indeed become her trademark, making her instantly recognisable even in a crowd of other models. But it is not her hair alone that makes her unique, at only 5"7 she is the first model of such diminuitive height to make it big since the one and only Kate Moss. The kind of model I am usually drawn to is much more golden and amazonian, the complete opposite of Charlotte, but this out of the ordinary California girl has seriously got me hooked. I hope she doesn't end up being a phase, like Agyness Deyn, as I really think that at the tender age of 18 she still has so much potential that I would love to see grow seasons from now.

images courtesy of IMG models and insideout.

01 October, 2011

fashion month

With fashion month coming to a close next Wednesday in Paris I have compiled a round up of what we have seen so far from New York, London and Milan. My favourite designers are yet to show in Paris so you can be sure next wednesday night there will be some serious fashion treats on here for you - you know Im talking about Chanel don't you? In the meantime wet your appetite on this feast for the eyes and soul...

images courtesy of Vogue.
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