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30 October, 2011

topshop unique

About bloody time!

Sorry it has taken me forever and a day to do this post but I have been settling back in to my final year at university and away on holiday blah blah blah and didn't want to do a half hearted post. So here it goes...

After spending one month interning in the PR department for Topshop in April, I was asked to rejoin the team and work at the Unique show during London Fashion Week. The show was held at the Topshop show space in the Old Eurostar Terminals in Waterloo and just so happened to be the day before my 21st birthday best birthday ever. I was so nervous to rejoin the team after such a long time and the added pressure of fashion week meant that little to no sleeping/eating/breathing occured the day before show day. I arrived at Waterloo station with absolutely no idea where the Old Eurostar Terminals were and my usually trusty iphone app was letting me down, by a stroke of luck a girl in a last season Topshop Unique dress strutted past and I eagerly followed. I was then saved by Cressida and Holly, my faves from the PR team who safely guided me inside the venue. It was beautiful to say the least, completely full of sunlight. The afternoon went by in a blur, we were all given our clipboards and given an orientation of the building as well as the days events and set to work on labelling seats, laying out goodie bags and watching run through after run through. To my absoloute joy and surprise, myself and one of the official members of the Topshop team were responsible for the VIP seating canyoubelieveit so I quickly read the list of those sitting on the front row and set to work trying to hide my excitement. BEWARE SERIOUS NAME DROPPING AHEAD. I met Kelis, Olivia Palermo, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Caroline Sieber, Nicola Roberts, Ellie Goulding, Pixie Geldof, Eliza Doolittle, Marina Diamandis, Bip Ling, Sunday Girl, Harley Viera Newton, Clara Paget, Brix Smith Start and Yasmin. Good times. Oh and I must say that the nicest one was Marina, she was so lovely to me...asked what my name was and everything! There were other big names there of course but not seated in my section (Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast was there and Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad asked me to tell her which section she was sat in). The excitement really began when the Green family arrived with Naomi Campbell. I was truly starstruck when she walked in, it is not everyday you see someone that staggeringly beautiful. Then all the editors started to arrive and I could barely contain my excitement when one of the editors of W asked me to move him to a different section because being sat so near to the speakers would affect his tinitus. And then it happend, the most surreal moment of my life- Anna Wintour brushed past me. How pathetic does that sound "she brushed past me" but it was amazing! She is at the forefront of the industry I love and to see such an icon in real life was jaw dropping, I think I actually held my breath when she walked past me (she walked past me twice by the way). Anna induced hysteria commenced in the room, people were staring and photographers were under strict instruction to keep a certain distance and then just like that, the show began. The sound track was insane, Jay- Z into Ashanti and other hip hop classics finished off with Go by Delilah, seriously cool. The clothes echoed the hip hop tone set by the music, some with a much more glamourous look and others making a serious throw back to the 90s and then just as suddenly as it had started it was all over in 7minutes and 57seconds.

The best nearly 8 minutes of my life.

Sign me up for next season!

(the photos below were taken under stealth operation conditions as I didn't want to come across as some crazy person so excuse the poor quality. Most were taken while I pretended to be on the phone...oldest trick in the book)



  1. My are one lucky girl! Amazing x

  2. The show looks amazing. What costume did you end up wearing? Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


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