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02 October, 2011

don't make me get old school

Ok so this isn't the best outfit post ever because I think I look like I stepped out of a bad ninties movie, but in a good way.

Anyway, I finally got my converse! After months of pining over the leather high tops I went to try them on and to be honest the resuts were not great. Basically I am not even nearly bad ass enough to pull off white leather high tops, I just don't have the swagger. I looked like I was in fancy dress as one of those hip hop honey's you see in old Dr Dre video's, safe to say it was not working for me. So I tried on a pair of the canvas high tops and fell in love. I only bought them this morning so for now they ar far too shiny, white and new looking but I am taking them on holiday with me next week so fingers crossed I will wear them in nicely. They look blinding white in the photos below so beware.

so ninties it hurts

Converse All Stars, Topshop leggings, H&M tunic, a vintage Levi's denim jacket that belongs to my housemate.

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