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02 October, 2011


Charlotte Free. Get to know her.

In the last few months Charlotte Free has shot to catwalk stardom as the new model of choice. She first came to my attention when she walked at the Topshop Unique show and since then I have been facinated by her. She has a kind of otherworldly, elfin beauty yet her pink hair makes me think of her as a mermaid. She is truly striking in both photo and flesh. Her pink hair has indeed become her trademark, making her instantly recognisable even in a crowd of other models. But it is not her hair alone that makes her unique, at only 5"7 she is the first model of such diminuitive height to make it big since the one and only Kate Moss. The kind of model I am usually drawn to is much more golden and amazonian, the complete opposite of Charlotte, but this out of the ordinary California girl has seriously got me hooked. I hope she doesn't end up being a phase, like Agyness Deyn, as I really think that at the tender age of 18 she still has so much potential that I would love to see grow seasons from now.

images courtesy of IMG models and insideout.


  1. She is literally beautiful, when she came in for her fitting she was so cute!

  2. love her. xo

  3. This is actually like her 2nd or 3rd season so...

  4. charlotte may have been around in seasons before but she only became a famous face the past season or maybe the season before


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