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07 September, 2011

twinkle toes

These bad boys crossed my path during my internship at Glamour magazine when they were called in for a party dressing without the dresses shoot. I adored them as soon as I saw them. I had been a massive fan of the Guiseppe Zanotti sandals that these ones are obviously a high street copy of, the difference is that the River Island verisons that I ordered are a million times cheaper at only £55 (even if they aren't as spectacular as the originals).

They are nude suede with crystals all over them so they are super sparkly but still quite subtle. River Island are also selling these in black suede with dark blue crystals, similar to the shoes that Olivia Palermo wore recently, however I don't think the shoes look expensive enough to carry off those colours.

I took this photo in my bathroom to try and capture the sparkles in the bright lights

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