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16 November, 2011

v is for versace

The Versace for H&M collaboration is unveiled in selected UK stores tomorrow morning and Donatella herself will be making an appearance at the London flagship store get your tents at the ready, I'm betting there will be a queue halfway down Oxford Street. The collection has been much hyped but is it actually the best collection H&M has seen from a designer? Sadly, no.

I appreciate the throwback to what made Versace famous way back when Gianni was at the helm, the garish prints and true Italian luxury that translate so well on the red carpet and runway. This however does not translate well when combined with the fact that, even without the massive budget cuts necessary for a designer to translate to high street, the fabric choices from H&M in general aren't the best quality and seeing palm trees splashed across nylon doesn't exactly scream expensive or stylish. There are a few gems hidden away in the collection yet sadly, from what I have seen and heard, Donatella actually cut quite a lot of the best looks from the final edit. Despite this I have no doubt that all those who love a good collaboration and want a slice of Versace for a slice of the price will be queuing in their thousands all over the country tomorrow morning. Elbows and palm trees at the ready.

the best looks from the collection...

and the worst...

for a complete look at the collection visit

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