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05 February, 2012


Does anyone have £850 they would care to donate to my cause? My cause being the desperate longing for beautiful shoes. Probably not the best thing to put your money towards really- if anything that £850 should go towards my treatment for retail addiction.

Chloe have brought back THE boots- you know the ones, black booties with gold studs and buckles galore. Of course you know the ones, these were the boots that half the front row were wearing a few seasons back for Christ's sake. Well they are back people and my feet are crying out for them.
The only trouble is, as mentioned before, they are a whopping £850. That's about £800 more than I can afford to spend on shoes due to my current financial state. 

For me these are the perfect boot. They have summer and winter potential which is perfect considering England is in a constant state of transitional weather. They would be perfect with a floral dress in the hotter months but equally as show stopping with black jeans and a killer jumper once the snow hits the ground/the rain starts pouring. Basically, I need them. My only hope is that I meet a kind benefactor/drug my Mum and take her credit card/Office or Topshop provide me with a cheap copycat.

It's times like these I despise my Dad for telling my bank to never give me a credit card of my own.

images courtesy of net-a-porter

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