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06 February, 2012

droppin' bombs

I am pleased and proud to announce two pieces of news today.

Firstly, I have been offered a job working with the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week...AHHHH! Obviously I am so excited and I just had to share this news! Hopefully this means I can blog from the front line and bring some really fun bits of info straight from Somerset House to the blog, but most likely it means I will be sleep deprived for a week and have no time to eat let alone blog so forgive me in advance.

Secondly, I have also been offered an internship in New York City with the fabulous Topshop PR team. Told ya I'd be droppin' bombs peeps. So basically I have known about this internship for a while now but have been keeping it under wraps until all the little details were sorted so that I could SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. I could cry with excitement, New York is my dream and I cannot wait to live it.

How long til graduation?

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