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29 February, 2012

the have and the have nots

I have been adding to my wardrobe recently under the pretense of buying clothing for my three weeks in New York (I fly out in three weeks and two days bytheway).

Of course in an ideal world I would be buying from net-a-porter in bulk but sadly I am living in the real world so therefore have been trapsing around Manchester city centre/scouring the internet buying the various things that I need want. However, because I am a masochist I decided to inflict pain on myself by finding items online that resembeled the items I purchased which instantly resulted in me resenting the items I have and dreaming of the items I don't have.

The grass is always greener.


have not
In all honesty I am in love with everything I bought...promise! In particuluar I am pleased as punch that I managed to find copies of those Chloe boots I was desperate for a few weeks ago (and at a tenth of the price). I love them so much I have worn them everday since buying them which hasn't been so great gor my feet but has done wonders for my soul.

Have: Asos playsuit £35, H&M cuff £3.99, Zara jacket £79.99, Office boots £80, H&M leggings £14.99, Aldo boots £40 (in sale).

Have not: Etoile Isabel Marant playsuit £230, YSL cuff £365, Alexander McQueen jacket £9325, Chloe boots £850, Stella McCartney trousers £430, Isabel Marant boots £365.

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