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04 March, 2012

over the rainbow

My head says "they are tacky", but my heart says "they are SO worth £2000 and would look so good on you".


I came across these Louboutin's way back when I was interning at Glamour when they were called in for a feautre on the new shoe trends. They blew my mind at first sight; the freaky way the gold crystals turned rainbow-coloured at the slightest movement and of course my propensity for anything gold, shiny or with a red sole meant that I fell in love with them instantly. But I was torn. How can something be so right yet SO wrong? Let's be real, they are a pretty tacky looking shoe that can probably only look stylish if worn by Kim Kardashian. They are so over the top and I haven't really been into wearing anything covered in Swarovski crystals since I was 15 and was desperate to own a crystal phone cover (and they aren't exactly wearable), yet I love them.

I guess in this case love must be blind...or at least colour blind.

1 comment:

  1. Love this post darling...memories of the Glamour cupboard! Blog looks fab! Philly xxx


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