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02 August, 2011

from inside the fashion cupboard

Day 2 outfit. Zara dress, Chanel bag, Topshop shoes, River Island sunglasses, Michael Kors watch.

unpacking shoes!
I have only spent two days at Glamour magazine but I am pleased to report it has been an excellent experience so far. Day 1 had an amazing start when I met Glamour editor, Jo Elvin. When I first saw her it felt like meeting a celebrity, as I have seen her face in the front of Glamour nearly every month since I was 14. I think I involuntarily held my breath the entire time she shook my hand and said "nice to meet you". Heaven knows how I will react if I ever have the oppertunity to meet Alexandra Schulman or her royal highness, Anna Wintour. Most of my first day was spent unpacking clothes from a shoot with Britney Spears. Obivously Britney was given some really outrageous and fabulous outfits to wear, including a beautiful cream feather dress by Versace and an amazing Dolce & Gabbana number covered in gold sequins with thigh high boots to match. The shoes in the image above were only one of two suitcases completely full of shoes- a girl always needs options.

I am excited to see what adventures lay ahead of me so stay tuned...

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