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11 August, 2011

evil eye

I am fascinated by evil eyes. I briefly owned a bracelet with and evil eye on it when I was eighteen, but it was only a few blue beads on a leather strap that I bought on a girls holiday in Cyprus. I have been keen on purchasing an item of jewellery or clothing with an evil eye on it for a while now but I want to make sure I do it right!

Not only is the evil eye symbol very beautiful, it has a really extraordinary history and meaning behind it. In fact, the image associated with the evil eye is actually a talisman to ward off the evil eye which is a look that is believed to cause injury or bad luck for the person whom it is directed at. The blue eye that is seen across countries such as Cyprus, Turkey and many Middle Eastern countries is believe to protect the wearer from any harm...and of course they are really pretty.

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