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17 July, 2011

chanel a/w couture

You're welcome...

When I am old and bitter I hope that my one saving grace will be that I am wealthy enough to wear Chanel. Oh to dream. This years Autumn Winter couture show was outstanding and it seems to act as proof that Karl Lagerfeld is always able to out do himself. For me this show was like Mary Poppins on crack. The matronly tweed suits that made Chanel what it is today got a revamp, courtesy of the oversized shoulders and nipped in waists that created a completely new silhouette, and did i mention the light up shoes!?

I am one of Chanel's biggest fans so it could be argued that I would love it if Karl sent a model down the runway in a bin liner, but as they say the proof is in the pudding so please check out the delights above just incase my incessant Chanel related ramblings weren't enough to convince you.

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  1. chanel is always so great :)

    your newest follower Michelle


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