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05 July, 2011

dear john...

John Galliano needs to request a sewing kit to keep him busy in the slammer because from the looks of Dior's couture collection he might have to start on his comeback collection.

Dior opened couture fashion week on Monday, the first collection not to be overseen by John Galliano. Instead it was the turn of the new creative director Bill Gaytten. Sadly Gaytten’s first collection for the label is, to put it simply, disappointing. There lacks cohesion and vision, and the fantastical and whimsical touch that was so synonymous with Dior and Galliano seems to have vanished. Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune said, “Regardless of charges that he was sozzled with drink, off-his-head on pills or wildly ranting, John Galliano brought to the house a finesse and exquisite lightness that, with his departure, has blown away like confetti in the wind,” she said. “This carnival of a show looked like a bunch of partygoers had done a witty, wacky take on Dior extravaganzas.” There is a desperate plea towards the end of Gaytten’s collection to try and capture some of the whimsy of Galliano, and it is briefly touched on in the final few looks of the show when Karlie Kloss paraded down the runway in a ball gown. But it is just not enough, and it sadly it appears Gaytten is trying to hard to fulfill Galliano’s vision without fully developing one of his own.

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  1. I guess his main fault with this collection was to try to emulate Galliano and not be true to himself. Galliano is indeed a hard act to follow - I guess financially Dior want him but morally none of us can have him. I wish they had allowed Gayten to do his own thing. Xxxx


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