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11 July, 2011

LCF day1

Earlier this year I signed up for a short course on PR skills at the London College of Fashion and today was my first day (the title kind of gives that away!). I would really reccomend taking part in short courses at LCF if you want more experience in the industry or if you need stuff to bulk out your CV as it really is such a valuable experience as well as being industry recognised. Check out the wide variety of courses on their website

It was a really great start to the week as everyone on the course is so friendly and the lady running the course sure knows her stuff after spending her career at brands like Burberry.

Anyway, I haven't done this before on here so I figured now was the time for a day to day fashion diary of my outfits.

Monsoon Dress, Michael Kors watch, Vintage bracelets, Topshop shoes, Chanel bag

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