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13 July, 2011


Today I visited the Shoe Galleries in Selfridges London. Did I mention I love shoes? As Ice T's wife, Coco, said ever so eloquently on her new reality show- "I love my shoes...I wanna f*** 'em".

From pumps to platforms, myself and majority of the female public, salivate over shoes on a daily basis even if we do struggle to walk in them. Today I had the rare oppertunity to actually be within touching distance (hell you could smell the leather) of some of my favourite pairs of designer shoes. Typically I get my heel fix by scouring the internet, but the Shoe Galleries are really unique in that the shoes range from high street labels like Office and Topshop, to the high fashion high heels of Louboutin and Jimmy Choo.

When I was a teenager I made a very clever move and made my relatively weathly Aunt/Godmother promise to buy me a pair of Jimmy Choo heels for a future birthday. It just so happens that my 21st birthday is coming up later this year so I think now is the time to decide on what special pair of heels I want. The only trouble is my allegiance has now swopped from Choo to Lou!
God I'm fickle.

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