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23 January, 2012

dior couture

Wearable isn't the first word that pops into my head when you think of Haute Couture, yet for some reason Bill Gaytten presented a couture collection that looked more like ready to wear. With that said, all of the more extravagent look,s and a lot of the more wearable looks, were breathtaking. Truly beautiful, if slightly too modest. The show featured stunning fifties silhouttes in pale greys, monochrome and the occasionaly burst of bright red and houndstooth print and transitioned from modest fiftes glamour to pumped up fantasy with six show stopping gowns closing the show. Sheer fabrics gave the full skirts a light and airy feel throughout the collection and billowing sleeves echoed the billowing hem lines. Much improved from last seasons effort by Gaytten and although there were some pieces that definitely gave a ready to wear vibe overall I think the aim was to create couture that was really an investment piece that would transcend the trends.The collection still lacks the spectacular, spectacualr that made me fall in love with the creations of  John Galliano but the collection is still something to be proud of.

My favourite looks...

images courtesy of Vogue


  1. I completely agree that it was a step up from the strangeness we witnessed six months ago in his first couture collection. I am a huge fan of the Dior New Look and how wearable the clothes were (for being couture that is). It begs to question, however, how 'new' is a look from 1947 nowadays! I think Mr Gayten is a great dressmaker but perhaps not a visionary designer. Or perhaps is taking strict orders not to take too many risks?

    1. excellently put! i totally agree! i think he just doesn't have the creativity that is necessary for that job, especially in the wake of a creative master like galliano

  2. cute!


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