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21 January, 2012

new year, new shoes

So, I'm back everybody!

After a very stressful exam season and and even more stressful hangover I finally have time to devote myself to my blog. Oh how I have missed it!

Anyways, over christmas I got some amazing treats which will slowly but surely be revealed on the bloggy wog (Russel Brand's new book?). But first there is some urgent business to attend to in the form of some beautiful dark purple velevt shoes by Givenchy...did I mention that I am their very proud owner?

Well I saw them on the net-a-porter annual sale which is BY FAR the best sale out there. The reductions are ridiculous and if my student loan came in just two weeks earlier than usual I would 100% be the proud owner of half of the sale. However, I only came away from sale season with these stunning new playthings for my feet. At the moment they hurt like hell but I am hoping with some tender love and care they will soon be living in harmony with my toes. My favourite bit is the gold anklet on each shoe, they are detachable but I will never be taking them off.

In onther news I just signed up to twitter. I know I am way behind on the times but it's better late than never right? Be sure to follow me @merritt_laura

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