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27 June, 2011

diamonds are forever

When I moved back home for the summer I did a massive re-organise of my wardrobe and jewellery in a bid to keep my room tidy for more than a few days (which failed miserably). This included quite a substantial throw out. I was happy to throw away clothes that I hadn’t worn in years and shoes that had holes in them, but when it came to jewellery I really struggled to get rid of anything. I ended up actually buying more jewellery rather than getting rid of any. The sad truth is I own very little fancy jewellery as I buy majority of it from the high street. I couldn’t even bear to throw away rings that had been rust colour for years.

During my second year at university I worked in an upmarket jewellery shop. So many people came in with a story or an occasion and they were looking for a specific piece of jewellery to act as a memory or milestone. I don’t think I understood this attachment of items of jewellery until I thought I had lost a pair of silver earrings that I wore to my Grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. In Sex and the City, Carrie is heartbroken when she loses her name necklace, and she is also devastated when she comes across an engagement ring from Aiden which isn’t her taste, leading her to think that Aiden doesn’t know her as well as she thought. Every item of jewellery is like a time capsule in which we are able to store our feelings and memories each time we wear them. I think that is why, unlike clothing which changes with season, we can have strong bonds with our bling.

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