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28 June, 2011

rain stops play

My Mum and I went to Wimbledon today. It was less than successful. We set off this morning and it was borderline tropical, however, when arriving at Wimbledon the skies decided to open on us. At first it was like being in a monsoon but then the thunder and lightning began and things got even more bleak. Thankfully things started to clear up at around 4 o' clock and we saw some really brilliant tennis from the ladies quarter finals. Although we only saw around two hours of tennis it was still a great day out. Here's hoping I can lay my eyes on Rafael Nadal next time around!

Next blazer, Topshop Boutique dress, H&M cuff, Topshop sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses.
(Nail polish is from the Pirates of the Caribbean for OPI range in steady as she rose)

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