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21 June, 2011

lily loves karl

Confusion erupted when, after weeks of tweeting about her Chanel wedding dress, Lily Allen walked down the aisle in a beautiful Delphine Manivet gown. But do not despair, images have been released of Lily wearing Karl Lagerfeld’s creation at her wedding reception- how very Kate Middleton of her!

                        Lily wearing Delphine Manivet at the ceremony
                                              The Chanel creation

Sadly, I am not a fan of her Chanel reception dress. Blasphemy. I am arguably one of Chanel’s biggest fans and I have adored nearly every item of clothing, shoes, handbags and hosiery that has touched the catwalk
over the last decade. I begged my parents for almost a year to buy me a Chanel handbag for my 18th birthday and I now treat it as though it is my child, so you can only imagine how disappointed I was to see this tragically lackluster creation that just was not special enough for the special day. The sleeves on the dress are delightful and are by far the best part of the dress but all in all it looks like a sack and a nightgown had a child that then got beaten by the ugly stick. It is not flattering on Lily due to the empire cut, and the lace detailing is too minimal for such a plain dress. I mean, it’s your wedding day, when is there a better time use a truly ornate bit of lace detail? Now or never right?

Forgive me Karl for I have sinned.

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