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23 June, 2011


Today I bought these tan boots in the Topshop sale. I hate sales, always have and always will. I like for clothes to be set out for me to properly view and I hate feeling crowded and rushed when i'm shopping which makes the hectic atmosphere of sales my worst nightmare. So i was surprised when I happened to stumble upon the sale today, not meaning to go shopping at all, and finding that Topshop was uncharacteristically empty.

I got some really lovely things, specifically for my trip to Barcelona in July, and then spotted these boots. I have wanted them since they came out, but I could never decide between the tan and the black but seeing them today made it clear that I needed them! They are such a gorgeous orangey tone of tan and the zip makes them much more clean cut and feminine than laces. They also have about a 1 and a half inch heel so they are really flattering which is always a positive. I would definitely suggest checking out the sale at Topshop, whether online or in store, because not only do they have a wide variety of summer and winter clothing at 30%-50% off they also seem to have much more variety of accessories and shoes in the sale than in previous years.

Boots from Topshop, Shorts from Dorothy Perkins, Cape Cardigan from Topshop, Vest from H&M, Gold Watch by Michael Kors, Gold Cuff by H&M, Copper Ring by Topshop.

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